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I Challenge Fallon

What fun is an imagination if you can't imagine being on The Tonight Show?

Tonight Show 2.jpg

My uncle used to do special affects for Leno and Conan when they were in California, so I've seen it filmed a couple times. I've even sat in the guest chair (with my sister).

Tonight Show 3.jpg

Wouldn't it be cool if I also got to go to New York and meet Jimmy Fallon? And by "cool," I mean as cool as a snowball fight.

strong vs fallon.png

Both Jimmy and I wrote children's books about snowball fights. Which means I have to challenge him to a little winter war, don't you think?

If you answered "yes" to the above question, you can help me out by tweeting the following post:

Dear @jimmyfallon, let's see you vs. @AngelaRStrong in the #UltimateSnowballFight on @FallonTonight! #childrensbooks

Because...pshah...Oprah's not nearly as fun.

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