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School is Cool

I love school visits. Kids always have so many ideas to share. My daughter's creative writing teacher explained to her class that people lose their creativity as they mature, to which Caitlin raised her hand and said, "Not my mom. She's a writer, so she's reeeealy immature." Thanks, hon.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I visited Cole Valley to inspire the students to write. This was cool for two reasons. First because one girl raised her hand and said her brother had read a couple of my books. (Yay!) And second, my main character Joey went to Cole Valley for elementary school so it was like walking into his world.

We discussed story ideas and drew names for prizes and they colored pictures from the books and asked lots of questions. This is pretty much how I imagine heaven. But if that wasn't enough, I receieved these awesome thank you cards in the mail the other day.

I love that Joshua loves me. And I love finding out that Mrs. Renfroe is my long lost sister. Not only did one student raise his hand to tell us, "You look like the same person," but she draws flowers and writes in "cheerleader font" just like I do.

I hope the kids had as much fun as I did. And I'd love to do more school visits, so if you are a teacher/principal/librarian/PTO parent, please message me for more info!

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