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I used to have a blog called Moving on After He Moves Out. It was healing. And I believe it helped others find healing too. I got vulnerable, shared advice that helped me, and hosted guest bloggers like Stephen Arterburn of Every Man's Battle.

Then my ex divorced the woman he left me for, moved back to town, and asked me to take down the blog in an attempt at working together for the kids and building trust. So I did. Because that's really what I wanted. I can't tell you his motives, but looking back, the idea of building trust with him feels like a carrot being held in front of a donkey. There will be peace when he wants peace.

Anyway, through it all, I've learned a lot. Mostly what NOT to do. So, as an expert on what NOT to do, I'm going to be blogging again on Medium. I'll share links here along with behind the scenes glimpses into my heart.

And if you want to ask me any questions, I'll be answering those here on Mondays. I don't have all the answers, but I know the One who does. I also think I can be like Olivia on The Cosby Show when asked what kind of career she was going to have if she dropped out of 2nd grade. She said something like, "I can teach first grade."

We all have something to offer, and I pray that where my life can't be used as a good example, it will serve as a horrible warning. ;-)

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