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Birthday Giveaway (and chocolate fondue recipe)

Since my birthday comes five days before Christmas, it's always been a special time of year. Gifts are my love language, so I feel very loved. And I'm doing this giveaway to make you feel loved too.

My parents used to joke that I'd start opening presents on my birthday and not stop for a week. Maybe because of this, I've become very skilled at guessing what my gifts are. Or maybe they just weren't that sneaky.

For example, once my parents got me a fondue pot and fondue cookbook. They decided to give me one for Christmas and the other for my birthday. They didn't stop to think that if I opened the cookbook first, I'd figure out my Christmas gift.

But I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm celebrating with fondue this year.

So, if you're like me, and you gasp in delight whenever you remember you have hot fudge in your fridge (but your gasp scares the kids because you're driving, and they expect you to be thinking about the road, not chocolate, and they're afraid you're about to get into a wreck, but no, you're just going to wreck your diet), then you MUST try this simple recipe...

Chocolate FUNdue


12 oz. semisweet chocolate chips

3/4 cup heavy cream

2 cups mini marshmallows

1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Mix chocolate and cream together over medium-low heat. Stir regularly until melted and smooth.

  2. Add marshmallows. Stir regularly until melted and smooth.

  3. Add vanilla. Stir until smooth.

  4. Dip birthday cake! Or cheesecake. Or pretzels. Or, fine, fruit if you want to be kinda healthy.

If you can't whip it up today (you're likely already full of Christmas sweets), you can save the recipe for another time and still celebrate with me. I'm holding an annual birthday giveaway over at Come enter to win the cutest leather heart bookmarks by clicking here.

I'm also giving away free downloads of my novella Christmas Ella, so grab it to read during the holidays. This modern-day fairytale is about the King family who is hosting a New Year's masquerade ball as part of their reality show, but the ostentatious celebrities never expect the heir to their throne to fall in love with the help. Click here.

Last, I want to wish my mom a happy birthday too. We share a birthday, which has always made it even more special.

As for the rest of you, Merry Christmas. The story of Jesus's birth is not about love; it IS love. Talk about an amazing gift.


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