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Facebook Famous

A friend told me last week that I'm "Facebook famous." I joked back about the 800 readers in my fan group, feeling like that really isn't enough to get any attention from publishers. But then I also often joke that marketing is my excuse to hang out on social media.

So Sunday, when my pastor challenged us each to take a two week fast, I knew what I needed to fast.

I deleted all social media apps from my phone, and last night I made a see-you-in-two-weeks post so that people wouldn't worry about my lack of activity. (Yes, Facebook friends have reached out in concern if I go a day without sharing.)

Today, is day one, and it's already weird. I subconsciously pick up my phone, then I stare at it like, "Why did I pick you up?" Also, I'm rethinking my wording from my last Facebook post. It wouldn't really be breaking my fast to edit something I'd already written, would it?

I'd planned to edit the post after I did my Bible reading and devotion for this morning. But, then I read about the connection the Gospel of John makes about Jesus being the Word. The word used for Word has a meaning that both Jews and Greeks would understand as a personification of God's revelation. God sent Jesus to communicate with us. And through salvation in Him, we can now have personal communication through the Holy Spirit.

I'm fasting so that I can get rid of distractions and better focus on communicating with God. This is what Saul/Paul did after being struck blind on the road to Damascus. He went for three days without eating/drinking. Jesus had told him to: "Get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do." Jesus didn't tell him not to eat, but his whole focus was on getting heavenly direction. And the Bible shows time and time again that God honors such focus.

So I'm not going to change the wording of my last Facebook post. I deleted a lot of this post too. Because though my career and passion is all about communicate with others, these next two weeks are for focusing on communication with God. For taking my eyes off this crazy world, trusting that God has a plan, and seeking direction from Him.

I'm writing this to invite you to join me. Not for my glory or fame, but so that we can work together to glorify His name.


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