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Where Ideas Come From

When I first started writing, I met the amazing Jill Williamson at a writer's conference. This was back before she'd won any awards or even sold a single book to a publisher. Since then, we've been to lots of conferences together. And last year we even tried brainstorming book ideas together. (This was way outside my comfort zone as she writes fantasy, and I can't even make it through Lord of the Rings, but stepping outside my comfort zone is always a growing experience. Plus we had fun as she's one of my most favorite people in the world.)

Jill wrote a book called Go Teen Writer to inspire the next generation of authors. She has a website to go along with this book, and today she's featuring me. I may not have been much help to her when brainstorming her latest series (The Kinsman Chronicles), but I do have more ideas than I could ever write about. So I got to share where these ideas come from with her teens!

Click here to be inspired...or maybe just entertained.

I also have to tell you that Jill endorsed my book The Water Fight Professional. She said, "I loved it. My kids think it should be a movie." She has some pretty smart kids.

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