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Merry Christmas Cover to Me

Finding Love in Big Sky is a Christmas story, so it doesn't release until September, but the cover is so pretty, I wanted to share now. Often I get asked how much say I have in a cover design. For this series, I have a lot. This is good and bad. The good party is that I'm the one gets to sign off on the cover design, which means I won't get a cover I hate. The bad part is that it was up to me to find cover photos I liked, and that was hard since I knew exactly what I wanted.

1.) A barn

2.) Snow

3.) Mountains

4.) Blue sky

5.) A star

6.) Christmas trees

7.) A cowgirl who was wearing more than short shorts and a shirt tied high above her bare stomach

Finding a cowgirl in winter was the hardest part. The background picture was hard, too. Most of the snowy pictures had a cloudy sky, but I wanted blue sky to go with the name of the town. The cool thing about this picture is that it wraps around the cover, and on the back you'll find the Christmas trees I wanted. As for the star, the designer said she could try to put a star on the barn the way I have in my story, but it might not look as good as adding the star with the title. I'm glad she made the suggestion because it looks great! What a wonderful early Christmas present.

Go ahead and judge my book by it's cover. I think you'll like both. What are some book covers that have caught your attention in the past?

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