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I am not Denzel

I recently watched a comedy routine where the comedian said the problem with our world is that we all think life is a movie starring us. Like we all believe we are Denzel Washington climbing out of a car in slow motion to save the girl. There's music playing and doves flying in the background, and if not for us, all hope would be lost.

The truth is that if I'm honest here and you read this blog for long, you're going to get a glimpse into what a mess my life is. I got pregnant before I was married. I've been divorced. I have a *gasp* tattoo. So when I write on Wednesdays about finding love in relationships, it is not because I have this all figured out. No, I'm not Denzel. I am like Olivia on The Cosby Show who wanted to drop out of school in 3rd grade, and when Dr. Huxtable asked, "What career can you have if you drop out of school in 3rd grade?" she responded, "I can be a 2nd grade teacher."

I think we are all a little bit like Olivia. We all have something to offer each other. We can be wise beyond our years in one area but completely miss the mark in another. Which is why relationships are so important. We balance each other out.

My greatest failures come when I don't think I need others. When I try to do it on my own or, even worse, do it for others. That's right. I actually wanted to believe the failure of my first marriage was entirely my fault because then I would have had the power to fix it. It was years later in a relationship class that I was told, "Your ex already has a savior, and it's not you."

Even tonight around the firepit, my husband shared about a friend who had to put his dog down today and another friend who had to give birth to a lifeless child, and when he asked what I was thinking, I said, "I wish I could save the day." I couldn't.

Life is hard. Relationships are messy. None of us get it all right, but I hope that by sharing the beauty of the love I've found in spite of me, some of you will be inspired to hope as well. I don't have all the answers, but I know the man who does.

And I don't mean Denzel.

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