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Happily Ever Harley

I think Jim and I should have our own reality show--The Rider and the Writer. We come from such different worlds that it could be pretty entertaining. I can hear the commercial now: "He rides Harleys; she writes for Harlequin..."

But I think as diverse as our hobbies are, riding and writing can actually bring us closer together. They are our dreams, and we share our dreams.

Jim's had the dream of owning a Harley since he was in high school. He and his best friend, Kenny (who is still one of his best friends), used to talk about riding motorcycles together. A couple years ago, Kenny got his bike. Jim had this sad face. He said, "I'd always thought we'd be riding together." Me, being me, and not understanding how anyone could not pursue their dream, I sent him this photo:

I didn't realize at the time how much this would change our lives. For example, Jim's grown a gray beard now, and he loves it. I didn't understand this love until we went on a ride with other Harley riders,

and as we sat around talking afterward, I realized that each of the guys had a gray beard. It's kind of a requirement, I guess.

But Jim has been very sensitive to me being outside my comfort zone. When we bought the bike, he said, "Is it too much?" I responded, "Oh, honey. I write romance."

There is something very romantic about being on the back of a bike. You're close together, and you experience the beauty of the world in a new way. In a car, you don't feel the mountains above you and smell the smells of pine trees or mossy rocks. There have been days where I've told Jim, "I feel sorry for everyone in the world who doesn't own a Harley and live in Idaho."

But we don't just stay in Idaho. Last year we took a ride to Montana, where I set my novel Finding Love in Big Sky. Next month, we are riding to Yellowstone for an eclipse.

I wish I'd had him and his Harley with me for my drive down the Florida Keys last week, though the convertible Mustang was fun too. But we'll get there eventually.

Kinda like the characters in my upcoming novel, The Princess and the P.I. (FREE now for a limited time if you are a member of my mailing list.)

For now, I brainstorm stories on the back of the bike. But once Jim retires, I can see us riding across the country to all the book-signings I've set up where I can meet all you all.

So though I don't have my own reality show, I'm living a romance novel. One that will end Happily Ever Harley.

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