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Nine years ago, I attended the Write His Answer Conference in Estes Park. While I was there, my husband (at the time) started an affair, and I haven't been back. Until now.

I won a scholarship to attend this month. I didn't realize how emotional it would make me.

Sad for the younger, more innocent Angela who had no idea what she'd have to go through.

Heartbroken for my kids who are still going through it.

And grateful. So incredible grateful that God is giving me this second chance--not only to write, but to meet with Him.

See, God met me in Estes Park nine years ago. He prepared me for my divorce in the most unexpected way. At the time, I was all happy about having Random House request my manuscript, so I went back to my dorm room to lay on my bunk and smile at the ceiling. Next to me on the bed was my Bible. I hadn't read it that day. So I opened it up and read where David said, "God, you are my all." I wrote "God you are my all" in my prayer journal. But then I thought, "Is that really true?" I remembered how David also prayed, "Test me." I cried and wrote, "Test me."

God wasn't saying, "You want a test, I'll give you a test." No. God was saying, "You know I'm your all. You know it."

When I lost everything, I still had all I needed.

And now God is giving me more.

This time, going up to the mountains of Colorado won't be about trying to sell a book to Random House, though that would be cool. It's about going back up there to meet with God. I'm ready for another mountaintop experience.

The mountaintop experience is something I really explored in my book Finding Love in Park City. I don't write romance novels simply to be about a woman falling in love with a man. I write them to also show a woman realizing how loved she already is.

Love changed my life, and I pray it changes yours. To share the love I've found, I want to give away an autographed set of all five books in the Resort to Love series.

To enter, you simply have to share a little love too. In the comments (you might have to scroll all the way down), share one of your own mountaintop experiences. Tell us about a time when God met you or prepared you or somehow overwhelmed you with His love.

If you've never experienced anything like that, ask God to reveal himself. He wants to.

I'll draw a name at the end of the month, and I look forward to hearing all your wonderful, amazing, beautiful stories.

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