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Cover Reveal for We Three Kings

If you're like me, you're tired of snow and ready for spring. But since winter keeps storming back in and shouting, "And another thing..." I've decided to play along.

In honor of the cover reveal for my upcoming novella collection, I give you three things you need to know about We Three Kings.

1. Our stories follow the Weise (Wise) family through generations as our heroes make their fortunes from gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Titles: Star of Wonder, Beauty Bright, Perfect Light

2. All three of us authors will be doing a book-signing together at Baker Book House in Michigan this fall. Crystal Caudill, Cara Putman, and I would love to meet you there!!!

3. You can currently order the collection for 20% off the cover price by clicking here.

See what author Janine Rosche has to say about We Three Kings in her five-star Goodreads review:

It would help us a lot if you added We Three Kings to the books you "want to read" on Goodreads and/or help us reveal the cover by posting it and/or the link on social media.

If you missed my cover reveal last week, here's the whimsical design for the sequel to my Christy nominated romantic comedy, Husband Auditions. I present Hero Debut. Thanks to everyone who's already shared this beauty.

I do hope you get some sunshine soon, but more importantly, I wish you a beautiful Easter Sunday. Afterall, it's what gives meaning to the Christmas story.

How are you celebrating this spring?


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