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Finding Love Behind the Scenes

There was a lot of kissing on the set of Finding Love in Big Sky this weekend. My husband and I got to go for one day, and we saw both kisses be filmed for the movie. During the very first scene we watched, the director had to yell, "Remember this is the SHORT kiss." Because it was apparently lasting a little long.

One of my favorite things about this scene was how the supporting characters cheered from the sidelines. I thought it was so cute that I asked them to cheer for me and Jim like that too. And they did.

The other kiss happened during the cowboy ball. Jim and I were were extras for this scene.

They filmed this kiss from one side of the barn first. We weren't able to watch when they filmed from that direction because we were in the background dancing. But then they filmed the same scene from the other side, and we were behind the camera and lighting so we got to see it happen.

Here's the pic of us watching. That's the back of Charlie's head next to my hat, Sam on the left, Tracen and Emily on the right, and Josh is in the middle with Paisley.

The actors also joked about the almost-kiss scene that we didn't see filmed, but I know what they were talking about BECAUSE I WROTE THE STORY!!!

In the almost-kiss scene, Josh and Paisley are about to kiss in the kitchen, when Josh's little brother Sam interrupts by walking in, opening the freezer, and asking, "Anybody want to go out for ice cream?" So sometimes when Josh and Paisley would be about to kiss, Paisley would laugh and ask, "Anybody want to go out for ice cream?"

Sam and Charlie got to do some kissing too.

As for my romance, I was checking out the set for the ball and saw a silent auction sign-up sheet for a hot air balloon ride. The Boise hot air balloon festival had been my first official date with Jim, so I asked if I could sign my name on the prop. They said yes.

In our very first shot as extras, the director had me sign up for the auction then say, "I signed us up for a hot air balloon ride!" My big, biker husband ad-libbed, "But I'm afraid of heights." I don't know if that scene will make it into the movie, but we got a kick out of it.

There was so much love going around that it's fitting the movie was filmed on Love Lane. Besides all the kissing practice between scenes, I'm happy to announce everyone seemed to have a ton of chemistry. In fact, the guys who played Josh and Sam were already friends before filming, but they didn't even know they were going to get to work together until they landed in Montana.

I asked the director if the actors are always this great, and she said, "Nope." We got pretty lucky, and even if I have more books made into movies, I can't imagine any experience topping this one.

Here's another blog about the actors who brought my characters to life!!!

What movie do you remember watching where the characters have really strong chemistry?


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