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Excerpt From my Latest RomCom

Starry Nights releases June 7th, and I'm so excited to have my latest romcom included with the set!

In Out of Play, single mom Bex Lemaire is asked to step down as her eight-year-old daughter's soccer coach for getting too competitive, but she's hoping the new head coach will let her assist. Movie star Skylar Hayes takes over as coach and mistakes Bex for being a raving fan but eventually realizes she's only crazy about soccer, which gives her the skills needed to train him for his new acting role. She's all work, while he likes to play, but together, they just might win.

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  3. Read an excerpt below.


If he needs me sticking close to him as the coach, then that might make me—dare I hope—Assistant Coach? “How close?”

He presses his mouth shut for a moment like it’s going to pain him to answer. “Assistant Coach close.”

“Yes.” I pump my arms in the air and jump up and down like Mia just scored a goal.

This draws more attention from strangers.

“What did she say?” one stranger asks.

Jacqueline is there to answer. “She said yes.”

Skylar holds out a palm to stop my celebration. He leans toward the strangers. “I asked her to be my assistant coach. That’s all.”

I laugh. What else would they think “she said yes” meant?


I laugh harder, then share my joke with the strangers. “Coaching is so much better than a marriage proposal.”

“Thanks for that,” Skylar deadpans.


For more, download Starry Nights here, or read the whole collection of eight romances on Kindle Unlimited before they're gone.

Note: This is a limited release, so if you're too busy to read this summer, make sure to download on KU now so you can read later.

And remember, reviews are always appreciated!!!

Now let's go make this a summer to remember with all these swoony summer reads.


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