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Book Giveaway

If you haven't heard, I'm giving away a book for free. Why? First, because I love it, and I want you all to be able to read it. Second, as a chance to connect with you more.

The Princess and the P.I. is the fun, fast-paced romantic suspense that got me my second agent. She had high hopes for it, and when she sent it out to publishers, she said, "Wheee!" Possibilities are always exciting. The book had a lot of interest too. One publisher asked me to add 25,000 words. Another ended up turning it down because they already had an author writing princess stories. A third editor liked the idea, but I'd bundled it with two other books for a series, so when she rejected the other book, this one automatically got rejected as well.

"Your book is dead," my agent said.

I mourned it's death. I tried to bring it back to life a few times. And then, last week, I decided to go rogue.

See, I remembered the time I signed up for an author's newsletter when she offered a story for free with subscription. I probably never would have picked up any of her books if she hadn't. So I decided to do the same. This way I can connect more with you between book releases. I want to tell you the behind the scenes stories and open up about what I'm learning through my own writing. I want to hang out with you online to share joys and sorrows and everything in between.

This week I designed the cover (with the help of some creative friends) and had the manuscript converted into a mobi file (Thank you, Lisa Phillips), I linked it to my newsletter, and voila, I'm already getting messages from readers who didn't put it down until 5 AM. You know, what? That means more than a big contract. That means more than a movie deal. Sure, those things would be lovely, but that's not why I started writing in the first place.

The tattoo I mentioned in my blog yesterday says Psalm 102:18. "Let it be written for a future generation that a people not yet created may praise the Lord." And it's written on the wrist of my writing hand. That's why I write.

This book isn't dead. It's in God's hands. I'm excited to see what he does with it. Also, I'm excited to go to Miami this next week since the story is set there. (So watch for some crazy fun photos.) Doesn't God just have the most amazing timing?

Speaking of timing, this is a limited time offer. At the end of summer, the book will go on sale on Amazon. Get it now by signing up for my newsletter, and if you like it, tell your friends to get it. And if you want to talk about it, join me here or in my facebook group or write me personally. Hopefully this is just the beginning to our beautiful friendship.

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