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10 Ways a Best Friend Makes a Story Better

Every story needs a best friend. Mine is Charla. Facebook reminded me that on this day, seven years ago, she went to Sun Valley with me to help research for my debut novel.

Not only did she help research, but she inspired the best friend in that story. She also inspired the twist in Finding Love in Big Sky, the book I dedicated to her.

Sadly, she now lives on the other side of the country, and I miss her just showing up at my front door at all hours or losing her in a store and listening for her laugh rather than looking for her. So in her honor, I'm going to share 10 crazy memories.

1. Our Pose

2. Our Counselor We went through divorces at the same time and both needed professional help. Todd Bennett was so much help that we made What Would Todd Say t-shirts.

3. Our Pathetic Kickball Skills

4. An Awesome Hare/Hair Stylist

5. Taking Walks that Became Adventures

6. Shopping for Pretty Things!!!

7. That Time She Got the Date Wrong on a Red Carpet Premier We pranced about town, taking glamorous photos of ourselves instead.

8. All Our Unglamorous Photos

9. Our Pathetic Karaoke Skills 

10. Laughing At Everything

Charla, I miss you, but I'm glad you're off living your own story. Any time you need a best friend to enter the scene, just let me know! 

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