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Dreaming in Seattle

This month, I came to Seattle to start work as a flight attendant until I can transfer home to Boise. I'm staying in a crash pad with nine other women. It's not as bad as it sounds because "crashers" are usually either home with their families or on a trip for their airline. We only have to be in our domicile until we get called out.

Except I didn't get called out. Almost everyone else did. They came and went. I explored the city with them in their time off, then I made their coffee when they took off. (There's really good coffee here.)

It's not my fault I didn't get called, and it's not the company's fault. It's just luck of the draw. I figure it's better for an airline to have too many flight attendants than too little. It'll be different next week when I'm here again on reserve, and I will probably miss the quiet time I've been enjoying.

So while my new career hasn't taken off yet (pun intended), I did have another dream come true while I've been waiting. I got to sign a contract for two more romantic comedies!

I'm excited for my new novels:

Hero Rehearsals is about a writer who goes to citizen's police academy to research for her screenplay, driving the police captain crazy...and solving his cases for him.

Fiancé Finale is about a director who hires his ex to promote his latest film in an effort to recast her as the leading lady in his life.

While I'm not flying right now, I AM getting some writing done. And I'm doing it in my new Sleepless in Seattle night shirt. Could there be a better place to write a rom-com?

I may not sleep as well here as I do at home, but I've never needed to be asleep to dream.

If you haven't read my first romantic comedy yet, you can check it out in the review published by World Magazine. Or click here to listen to me read an excerpt while wearing my flight attendant uniform in honor of the little paper airplanes on the cover. How perfect is that?


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