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Outtakes of the #TargetDressChallenge

If you're on social media, you might have seen pictures making fun of the old fashioned prairie dresses currently on sale at Target. The popular meme says, "Target has decided if we're gonna suffer a pandemic, we might as well look like we just lost the farm after locusts ate our crops." And like that's not eccentric enough, people started buying the dresses for old-timey photo shoots.

Having embraced my eccentric side after going bald from chemo, I decided to see if our local Target carried such antiquated apparel. They do:

There was no way I was going to miss out on such ridiculousness. I invited my writing group to join me in the #TargetDressChallenge under the guise of recreating historical book covers. Surprisingly, most of them said yes. Even better, another Angela in our book club (we'll call her The Practical Angela) lives on a farm and agreed to let us take photos with her barn and hay bales.

In my defense, I did recreate one book cover as suggested by Susan Snodgrass. (I really should have been playing with my wig in the photo. Oh well. I'm an author, not a model.)

You probably can't tell in the photo above, but I'm reading the hardback edition of my book Love Finds You in Sun Valley. My friend Lisa Phillips also brought her own books to the photo shoot, which we all enjoyed.

Lisa writes suspense, so I also put together a book cover her readers might be interested in:

Yes, we were trying to appear creepy. If you look close enough, you'll see that Heather Woodhaven doesn't have a creepy side, though we all agree that her books do slay with her humor.

Since this is Idaho, there were also guns and horses involved.

And this giant rabbit that I didn't know existed until it sat on my foot. (Maybe The Sensible Angela also has a whimsical side?)

Heather's teenage daughter took the pics for us and remarked that she didn't know women our age giggle so much. I think we really needed this since we're not able to go on our annual January writing retreat.

If you're looking for a way to escape all the chaos in the world right now and not really interested in doing the #TargetDressChallenge, you can always escape into one of my many books. I've heard they also have the power to make women our age giggle.

What is something unusual you have done since the pandemic started?


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